Prestashop Stripe Module – Free

Current Version 1.0.2 Beta – Download now

In Prestashop 1.6 the module erroneously appears a ‘partner’ module in the back office. A change of name is planned for version 1 which will recertify this.

This is the Prestashop Stripejs module. Originally released by Prestashop and now maintained by me.


Stripe module not appearing in payment options? Try uninstalling and uploading the module again. Also check that the currency is enabled in payments config screen.

White / blank screen after submitted card details
Check your error logs. Make sure you allow Prestashop to use at least 64mb of memory.

Multi-currency – *New*
Onsite payments
Test and live mode

Why was the module removed from Prestashop core? – The mystery of the removed Prestashop Stripe module – Solved

I am currently maintaining the module, any bugs please report –

Demo Shops – Prestashop 1.6 – Prestashop 1.5


1.0.2 Beta – Webhook fixes
1.0.0 Beta
– 1.6 fixes, UI improvements
 – Currencies
 – Upgrade stripe lib
0.9.7 – Prestashop released version