Prestashop module advertising in back office

In newer releases of Prestashop¬†version 1.5 , Prestashop have added premium modules directly in the list of modules page in the back office. These appear along with your local modules and update every so often to feature new paid modules. The premium modules are always labelled as ‘MUST HAVE’ and the install button is replaced by a cart with the price.

Premium module advert in module list

When clicked the button takes you to the normal Prestashop Addons page in a new window, to purchase the module.

If you are delivering Prestashop to your clients they may get confused.

This may be a good way of increasing purchases of modules on the Addons marketplace, but can be somewhat confusing too.  If you are providing Prestashop to a client, they may believe they are buying the module from you. This can cause all sorts of issues with support, future payments and site stability. Will this module interfere with another module? Will it break the site?

Great for Self-installers, bad for suppliers.

You are being cut out of the transaction, could you develop that module that’s being advertised? Will it require extra testing, extra support?

I believe there should be an option in the settings to disable these modules, keeping them for people that need them, removing them for those that don’t.

I’ve made a module to remove it.