is back up is back up. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can continue download the Prestashop Amazon payments module free for European users.

What happened?
We were transferring registrars, and the transfer seemed to get stuck in no-mans land. It seems the domain was in a transfer out status, so no reminder emails were sent and the domain didn’t appear in the control panel.
I managed to get through to UK2 second line support and they swiftly sorted it out. If it happens again, know to ask for second line straight away.

Prestashop 1.6

Prestashop 1.6 has been released!

I’ve upgraded my demo shop – to version 1.6 which does somewhat contradict the domain name. First problem though!

Prestashop 1.6 needs more memory for the backend to function. I have my FCGI PHP set to a default maximum of 32mb which gets exhausted. You will get an error such as..

Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate x bytes)

You will need to increase the maximum memory size, 32mb is quite low now-a-days. Increasing it to 64mb works nicely.

The admin interface is very nice, responsive and modern. A much needed upgrade. Its very rare for an open source eCommerce solution to have such a nice interface.

I will be testing all modules and making sure they all work nicely on Prestashop version 1.4 – 1.6


Some cool code to pause videos, ajax requests, and other things unnecessary when the page is inactive. ifvisible.js – Such as when the user is on another tab or goes AFK

Easy to hook onto events such as going idle and waking up. Would definitely recommend for projects, great to reduce processing overheads and lower bandwidth use when ajax calls are not needed.

Post2China Beta Signup available

I’ve just launched Post2China. Its online for beta customers now. If you’d like to be involved signup and you’ll get a login shortly.

Post2China is a service for UK based shops and ecommerce sites who’d like to post their items to China.  Cheap rates and no need to worry about the language, for more info head over to the site.

It’s built with Angular JS, Node.js and Express.js. You’ll only get to see the fancy cost calculator when you login, so you’ll have to signup or wait for the public launch.


Stripe module updated 0.9.9

More info  and download – Stripe Prestashop Module


More currencies
Stripe now supports lots of currencies so does this module. There are no restrictions on currencies, so make sure that Stripe supports the currency you wish to use. (They probably do)

Validation Fixes
Many fixes to better support older versions of Prestashop.
Some security fixes
Stripe module made Prestashop compliant


TextQL lets you perform SQL against flat text files like CSV. Perfect for extracting data from massive CSV files.

It seems to convert the CSV into a SQL lite database on the fly, allowing lovely SQL access and keeping the console interface which means unix pipes!

Now I just need an excuse to properly test it out.

Prestashop after payment white screen, memory exhausted

If you get the following error:

Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 25325 bytes)

Or similar after payment – Prestashop is taking up too much memory generating the PDF invoice.

If you cannot increase your PHP memory limit, your host may not allow it, you can turn off PDF invoice generation. Go to Orders -> Invoices -> And scroll to ‘Enable invoices’

MongoDB on CentOS

I started installing MongoDB on my CentOS virtual machine, following the tutorial at:

It came up with the error ‘No Package mongo-10gen available’, but I’ve already added the MongoDB repo to Yum? – Oh its because my virtual machine is 32bit and I’ve added the 64bit repo. A quick change, still not working, a quick ‘yum clean all’ sorts it and all is installed.

I’ve installed MongoVUE to access MongoDB, useful for listing out data and inserting quickly for testing, works well on Windows.  I’m using MongoDB with Node, the MongoDB Mongoose library is really good, allowing model schemas for a great MVC base. Out of MySQL, RethinkDB and MongoDB (The databases I’ve used with Node), I’d recommend MongoDB for the best supported database when developing with Node.js.