Italy 2014

Almost a month with no post, the longest wait yet. I’ve been very busy recently, setting up a new company, more details on that later.
I haven’t yet written a non technical post on this blog, its easier to stick to ‘facts’ and tutorials. But I’ll give it a whirl, in a lazy short description kinda way. I’ll get more photos later.

I have just returned from a trip to Italy, visiting Lake Como, Milan, Florence and Pisa in that order.

Lake Como, a great place to relax. Boats, towns, very green. Get to the top of one of the hills, a great view, and some random waterfalls too.

Milan, busy hectic, with character. Quite the change from the lake. Public transport is well connected. Impressive cathedral.

Florence, interesting, historic, walk-able. Easily spend many days looking around all the museums. Lovely in early morning, tourists by the coach, after coach, after coach load by lunch.

Pisa, Impressive tower and cathedral, random classic cars. After those are ticked off, I’m not sure what you’d do. You will never be short of fake bags and sun glasses.

Lessons learnt; Service stations have restaurants that are over the motorway which is very exciting, and sell legs of Parma ham. The Fiat 500 is a fun car. You can use your credit card pretty much everywhere. Indicating is for special occasions, and stopping at pedestrian crossings is determined by a in the mind dice roll. Everywhere does clams and spaghetti. I still don’t know why there’s first and second dishes.

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