The end of YUI

Yesterday 29/08/2014 Yahoo announced they would stop all new development of YUI, the once popular JavaScript framework. In their announcment they go into detail about how the web has changed since YUI first came about, and how its not the right product for the current JS world.

I agree with that, having used YUI back in the day, I wouldn’t have considered it in recent times. Even when YUI3 was released, it was too late, already on the decline. Back when jQuery didn’t have its dominance, you would always look at YUI, would it solve this particular problem, and it most cases it did. It did have many weaknesses, that led to its decline.

  • Verbose – remembering all the syntax, that should make DOM manipulation easier, were often longer than native..
  • Large – Both in file size and amount of features.
  • Dependencies – To use feature X you need to include Y and Z
  • Ugly
  • Strongly tied together – I for one would not use jQuery if it was tied into jQuery UI. Because jQuery UI is terrible.

This is one of the big reasons I believe jQuery came out so massively on top. It offered simple syntax for everyday tasks without dependencies. Keeping  jQuery UI very separate.

But at the time, it did a job. It could have done a better job if they really looked at making syntax developer friendly though. The documentation was good, the community was good, it existed at the right time. Its sad to see development end, but it’s definitely time.

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