Windows 8.1 saving to SkyDrive by default

The most annoying thing caused by updating to Windows 8 is by far defaulting saving files to SkyDrive. Its even more annoying than all of the Laptops drivers failing to work correctly, I blame Sony for that.

Every time you got to save any file on the computer, or load any file from the normal windows browse for file window – Massive lag. I’m assuming its because its wandering off into the cloud and having a look. The worst decision Microsoft made was to force SkyDrive to be default for Windows 8.1

To remove start, search for skydrive, select skydrive storage, and change ‘Save documents to SkyDrive by default’ to off.



Speed restored.

Code of Last week – FastClick

Code of last week, because I forgot.

Apparently mobile browsers have a 300ms delay between tapping and the JavaScript onclick event being fired. Its apprently to allow detection of double tapping in the browser for zoomings. Who knew? Well ftlabs did and they made a library that listens for mobile browsers with the delay and removes the delay.

FastClick simply requires you include the js file and add a cheeky listener on the window load, preferably to the document body. It’ll make your website seem snappier for mobile visitors and who doesn’t want that?

Prepros – Sass, Compass, JS Minifier and other stuff

I’ve recently started using Prepos, it compiles sass, does compassey things (like create image sprites) and can minify JS. It has a really nice interface, its open source and has a smiley face to congratulate you on not making a syntax error. Contains everything in its rather large 40mb container, no worrying about dependencies.

I’ve used Scout before, but much prefer this, no Adobe Air, a better user interface and a lot more features.  I still haven’t used JS concatenation, which will be very useful. Or this live refresh feature, but will definitely be trying them out soon.

Top tip for Prepos, is in the options menu, click Sass then select Use Compass, Full Compass Support and use config.rb options. See below..

Prepos Sass options

This will enable proper compass support. You can also configure all your Sassing from within a Config.rb file, allowing you to keep settings constant amongst people on the same repository.

My advice, if you use Sass and your on a Mac or Windows, use Prepos. Why is it better than command line? Because it has a smiley face.