Chrome issues

The latest version of Chrome (32.0.1700.76 m) is causing quite a few problems for me. The most annoying is the inability to select the last option on the select element

Its impossible to select the last option. 'Spanish'
Its impossible to select the last option. ‘Spanish’


The other problem is when debugging JavaScript, putting break points in and pausing code, even after resuming shows the please wait screen.


All in all, not a great update for Chrome. The drop downs seem to have a different design, as well as check boxes which now seem to listen to CSS styles, as they’ve gone huge on a few sites.

My eyes like f.lux

I have recently started using f.lux. I have tired it a couple of times before, over the years, but have had bugs or got annoyed with it whilst doing Photoshop work.

I’ve installed it again as it popped up on Hacker news, and this time getting along much better. This version has a 24 hour preview which is really fancy way of showing people how it works. It really does make a difference at night time with the yellow dim lights, eye strain is a lot better and I do feel its easier to go to sleep. It may be a placebo, but meh.

Sainsburys salad bar pricing

March 2015 Update – Sainsburys Salad bar price increase!

It seems the prices have risen and the sizes have changed! Thanks for the updates (in the comments at the bottom of the page) from Susan, Mark and Jojo.

The sad news is, the small pot is no longer with us and prices have substantially increased.

Name Cost Old Cost Size ppm Old ppm Difference
Micro Pot  £1.49 99p 280ml 0.53p 0.35p 0.18p
51% Increase
Small Pot N/A £1.49 325ml N/A 0.45p N/A
Medium Pot £2.75 £1.99 500ml 0.55p 0.4p 0.15p
38% Increase
Large Pot £4.00 £2.99 980ml 0.41p 0.3p 0.11p
34% Increase

So the large pot is still most cost effective, and the medium takes the crown for worst value.

Details below are from January 2014

In what is certain to be the most important post of the year, we Ollie McFarlane and Stewart Doxey have investigated the sizes and costs of the Sainsburys salad bar.

Using science, the size of the salad pots were measured by filling them with water and seeing how many millilitres each pot size could hold. Using Stu’s abacus we can also get the per mill cost.

Name Cost Size Price per millilitre
Micro Pot  99p 280ml 0.35p
Small Pot £1.49 325ml 0.45p
Medium Pot £1.99 500ml 0.4p
Large Pot £2.99 980ml 0.3p

The shocking revelation is that the micro pot Large Pot is most cost effective, buy two micro pots not one medium!

We are currently looking for sponsorship to complete the investigation and test the large pot size.

Update: Funding has been received, and large pot added.

Killing a node process on linux

Sometimes your doing some testing, your computer goes to sleep or whatever, you lose your SSH window.

Node keeps running happily in the background, but you can’t start it again because its still holding on to the port.
We need to kill the node process. This as simple as running the command to list all running processing, and ‘grepping’ the result to only include node, think of grep as a simple find in.

ps aux | grep node

That’ll list all your node processes. You can then type kill and the id number, which comes just after the user running node in the second column. Your actual search for node will show up in the process list too! So if you look at the right most column you’ll see grep node, which is your search. You can’t actually kill that because its already finished, so a kill and the id number will just produce a no such process and cause no harm.

Kill node

New Year, New Theme

The new year is a good excuse to enable a new theme. I downloaded a ThemeHall theme and tweaked it a bit.

I wanted to have a twitter link in the WordPress ‘Tagline’ but it escapes all HTML, I’ve modified the theme to allow it, but not cleanly. I wonder if there’s a nice way?

The new theme installation gave me an excuse to test a plugin I’ve been wanting create. A full background image ‘mega compressor’ that fades nicely into the full high res image once loaded. My aim is to get the initial page load to be fast, but without the annoying background image pop-in.

I initially wanted to simply set a background image in css, load the high-res one in JavaScript then set the background-image of the body to the high res one. The browser would then use the CSS3 transition to animate it nicely. Unfortunately only Chrome supports doing transitions on the background-image element. Never mind. You can see an example of Chrome Background-image transitions

So I’ve had to use jQuery to create a temporary div, that’s set to the low res, and then faded out over the body with the high res image. Its live on this blog, you can do a few force refreshes to see it in action.

The actual JavaScript isn’t really the bit I was most interested in, it was actually the server side where it would automatically blur and mega compress an image, send that to the client and automatically fade in the high res on load.

jQuery code below, remember to set body to the initial low resolution image using CSS.

New WordPress 3.8

This blog is now running WordPress 3.8. Swanky admin area. I like it.

I’ve also enabled the ‘Twenty Fourteen’ theme, which looks very modern. Maybe a little boring?

Sublime Paste Overwrite Plugin

Renamed from, ‘Sublime Paste Insert Plugin’ as @andrejkvasnica quite rightly pointed out, its actually like typing when insert is turned off.  The new name is ‘Sublime Paste Overwrite Plugin’ which better describes what it does anyway as well as being accurate.

Myke sent an email around asking if knew about a Sublime plugin that would delete as many characters as in the clipboard. Like typing with the insert button off.

No-one did, and googling didn’t reveal anything. So I made one, it wasn’t that difficult and not many lines of code.

Download it here >

Requires Sublime Text 3
Create a PasteOverwrite folder inside your Sublime Packages folder. (Go to preferences > Browse packages to get there)
Copy the files over

Press ctrl+shift+v to paste overwrite.
Change the key binding in Default.sublime-keymap

How Does it Work?

It basically loops around each selection (you can have multiple cursors in sublime remember!). Deletes the length of string that’s on the clipboard and then inserts the clipboard text. Easy.

Lazy Spammers

You know spammers are getting confident, when they send you a comment to spin yourself.

Lazy Spammer


I’ve been going through these all day manually spinning them – and then spam binning them.

What happened to the hard working spammers?

Why windows explorer is annoying

Dragging and dropping a file from one window to another, and the path of this drag moves over a network location, CD drive, or other slow location. Of course windows tries to look in this location, to be helpful and freezes the drag operation, and puts windows explorer into a non responding state.

Even though you didn’t drop it in that location. Happens annoying frequently.