Europcar form problems

This is not the first time this has happened. An error with Europcar’s contact from, saying forbidden characters where entered. It doesn’t mention which field is bad.


A great example of how to stop your customers contacting you, make it impossible.
Upon further investigation, it turns out you can’t have apostrophes in the comments box..

The next problem is the enter Europcar ID OR your details (Name, email etc). But email is mandatory.

I have to say Europcar’s website is the buggiest / most annoying website I’ve used in recent memory.

Updates to Sainsburys salad bar pricing

I haven’t been keeping a close enough eye on the blog, and have missed a flurry of comments about an incredibly important event. Sainsburys have changed the pricing to their salad bar, and discontinued a size. I have of course immedietly updated the Sainsburys salad bar pricing post with the new details.

Thanks to everyone who commented, invaluable information. I was going to do a post on my thoughts of moving from shared -> VPS -> dedicated -> cloud hosting, but some things are just more important.

Updated to London

I’ve been in London for 6 months now, and still bits of the blog referred to me living in Sheffield.

But today I randomly found where I had set the meta description. Turns out its within the SEO plugin, I had searched high and low through templates and gave up when I updated my move from Sheffield -> London. When I say high and low, I did find in files then gave up..

So now the meta description and sub heading are correct.

Next thing to do is get the Linked In all shiny.

The story of my phone repair.

The Prestashop Stripe module has had to be put on hold for a bit. Busy times.

In moany news. I recently had to get my LG G3 repaired, because it stopped working after just 4 weeks. Chrome would crash and it was getting very hot – even for the normally warm G3. So I moved to Firefox where graphics errors would randomly shut down the browser – Looks like the graphics chip was dying. Then one day, nothing, phone didn’t power on, not even to that reset mode, nothing happened when you plugged it into the computer. Dead.

This is where the epic adventure of my phone repair begins.

The local Carphone Warehouse told me to ring LG to repair my phone, fine I thought, who can repair it quicker and better than LG themselves. (ha.)
Starts all very well, they send a Jiffy bag to my address ‘No body needs to be in, not signed for’ great. Arrives after a day or two, speedy. Pop the phone into the bag and send it on its way.
Ring them up a few days later, they’ve received it, excellent, and have started the repair, 3-5 working days to repair it. Annoying but manageable.
I borrow my sisters old Blackberry with a few keys missing for the interim.

I wait around,  for the allotted 5 working days, give them another ring.

LG: They don’t have the parts to fix your phone, they’re being ordered in, it will take another week probably

Me: They, you mean you don’t have the parts?

LG: Its repaired by a third party.
So much for my initial happinesses of LG fixing it….

ME: Ok… So why don’t you have the parts, its a brand new phone?

LG: Because its brand new they don’t have the parts. They have to order them from Korea.
Worst. Excuse. Ever.

ME: Riight.. So another week?

LG: Yeh maybe, we’re not sure when the parts are arriving. Call us back next week.

Excellent. So starts the first of many mishaps. Part two coming soon..

The move to London

At the end of May I moved to London, leaving Evoluted and Sheffield.

Peak District

To the next adventure…

On top of monument


I’m trying to go to as many developer meetups as I can, so far I’ve been to the London API meetup, and this week Justsharing and the Angular JS meetups. More on that later…  If you have any other suggestions tweet me @olliemcfarlane

Italy 2014

Almost a month with no post, the longest wait yet. I’ve been very busy recently, setting up a new company, more details on that later.
I haven’t yet written a non technical post on this blog, its easier to stick to ‘facts’ and tutorials. But I’ll give it a whirl, in a lazy short description kinda way. I’ll get more photos later.

I have just returned from a trip to Italy, visiting Lake Como, Milan, Florence and Pisa in that order.

Lake Como, a great place to relax. Boats, towns, very green. Get to the top of one of the hills, a great view, and some random waterfalls too.

Milan, busy hectic, with character. Quite the change from the lake. Public transport is well connected. Impressive cathedral.

Florence, interesting, historic, walk-able. Easily spend many days looking around all the museums. Lovely in early morning, tourists by the coach, after coach, after coach load by lunch.

Pisa, Impressive tower and cathedral, random classic cars. After those are ticked off, I’m not sure what you’d do. You will never be short of fake bags and sun glasses.

Lessons learnt; Service stations have restaurants that are over the motorway which is very exciting, and sell legs of Parma ham. The Fiat 500 is a fun car. You can use your credit card pretty much everywhere. Indicating is for special occasions, and stopping at pedestrian crossings is determined by a in the mind dice roll. Everywhere does clams and spaghetti. I still don’t know why there’s first and second dishes.