Prestashop AWS SES contact us from email address

By default Prestashop sends messages submitted from the contact us form, with the customers email address as the from address. On a default installation using the PHP Mail function this will work, although messages will probably go straight into the spam folder.

Changing this to use AWS SES for example, requires you change Advanced Parameters -> Email. Adding the SES SMTP server with the generated username and password, encryption SSL and setting the port to 465.  This will send the email from SES, but SES will block the email if you haven’t registered the from address. So when a customer sends a form it will always fail.

The solution to this is editing /controllers/front/ContactController.php around line 131, simply change the Mail::Send function to use $contact->email instead of $from.

Prestashop will now send emails from the shops contact email to the same email address. – Make sure that the shops contact email is authorised to send emails in SES.

Stripe Module Version 1 beta for Prestashop released

More info and download – Stripe Prestashop Module

I’ve just uploaded version 1 beta of the Stripe module for Prestashop.

This is a beta release, please report any bugs you find.


Better Prestashop 1.6 support
Refunds fixed
Buttons fixed
‘White page’ crash fixed

Admin Improvements
Checks to see if you enter the private key in the public key field.
Strips white space around the key.

UI Improvements
Card logos only show after you’ve entered a card number.

Prestashop 1.6 Demo with Stripe test

I’ve setup a demo shop at its a clean install of Prestashop 1.6 along with the stripe module in test mode. The default theme is the best yet, looks great.

Go and test it out, test card details for Stripe below.

Number Card type
4242424242424242 Visa
5555555555554444 MasterCard
378282246310005 American Express
6011111111111117 Discover
30569309025904 Diner’s Club
3530111333300000 JCB

Stripe module updated 0.9.9

More info  and download – Stripe Prestashop Module


More currencies
Stripe now supports lots of currencies so does this module. There are no restrictions on currencies, so make sure that Stripe supports the currency you wish to use. (They probably do)

Validation Fixes
Many fixes to better support older versions of Prestashop.
Some security fixes
Stripe module made Prestashop compliant

Prestashop after payment white screen, memory exhausted

If you get the following error:

Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 25325 bytes)

Or similar after payment – Prestashop is taking up too much memory generating the PDF invoice.

If you cannot increase your PHP memory limit, your host may not allow it, you can turn off PDF invoice generation. Go to Orders -> Invoices -> And scroll to ‘Enable invoices’

The mystery of the removed Prestashop Stripe module – Solved

Download and Latest updates – Stripe Prestashop Module

Updated – The module was removed because the contract with Stripe has expired, scroll to the bottom for more info.

I recommended Stripe to a client a mere month ago, safe in the knowledge that adding Stripe would be easy. There’s am official module available for free, it just needs installing an setting up, no problem.

But this weekend, I wander over to the Prestashop website, and absolutely no sign of the module, anywhere. Did I dream it? I searched Google, found many a reference to the module in the forums, but all links just went to the Prestashop Addons homepage. Maybe it was a free module that someone released, but has since removed? I then found a interesting post, someone said they had Stripe in an earlier version of Prestashop, but not the latest. It most have been included in core Prestashop as a ‘partner module’.

Happily, Prestashop use Github to store their code. We can look at the commit history to see what happened.

Stripe Removed


That is, on the 27/12/13 the Stripe module was removed from the ‘Partner Modules’ – The modules that are already there on a Prestashop install.

So.. Why was Stripe removed from Prestashop? The commit message gives no clues. The module doesn’t appear on their site anywhere else, and there has been no official announcement, even the forum moderators are confused.

The industry partners page ( has been removed, redirected to their Payments page. – It seems PayPal who were a long time partner has also been removed. Have these contracts expired?

As it was on Git, I simply had to go back another commit to find the module, on version 0.9.7. I have added this to GitHub repository here –, and made an easy to use download link here -> Download Prestashop Stripe Module 0.9.7

I have checked the license, and I am allowed to redistribute this code under the Academic Free License.

I have asked on the Prestashop forums, why the module has been removed.

Thanks to Xavier for the response (Below, in comments). As he confirms, that contracts have not been renewed, so please enjoy the module above.

Find and Replace Prestashop Module

I had to replace some product text on a Prestashop website. It was repeated a fair few times through many products on the site. I needed to do a find and replace through every product.

You can do this in SQL easily enough, but why use SQL when you can have a module?
Find replace module


Download the module

Upload it and install in the normal way from the modules screen.

You can current find and replace within the following fields, one at a time.

Product Name
Product Description
Product Description Short
Category Name
Category Description

Remember, there is no undo, and find text is case sensitive.

Prestashop white label module

As I discussed in the Prestashop module advertising in back office post, I didn’t want the newish module advertisements being displayed. So I made a module.

Its on GitHub: – Or straight to downloads

What it does

Removes premium/priced modules from Back office module list

Removes tips and featured modules from the back office dashboard

Simply download the release and upload the zip and install as you would any module.

I’m thinking about other features, such as removing the dashboard footer links. Comment any other suggestions you’d like to see.