Windows 10 PEAP problems – Cannot connect to Wifi

Updating to Windows 10 and find you can’t connect to your corporate / enterprise Wifi?

Windows 10 updated the end of 2015 and changed how it connects to PEAP Wifi connections – these are the Wifi connections most used in large companies, where you have a username and password to login. It now uses TLS 1.2 to connect which is more secure, great. But the problem is there is a bug with the server which you connect to, it doesn’t correctly support TLS 1.2.

This can be easily fixed by whomever supplies the wifi, they just need to update their server with the fixed version. But, as you may know, if you work in a corporate environment, the more probable outcome is that they will simply say ‘We do not support Windows 10 on the wifi network’.

Luckily, you can solve this issue locally, with a simple registry change.

Create DWORD HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RasMan\PPP\EAP\13\TlsVersion

Set the DWORD value to C0.

Now simply restart the Wifi service – Press start, search for services, open. Now in the list look for ‘Extensible Authentication Protocol’ and restart that.

Connect back to your wifi, and all should be working fine.

NOW TV issues

I recently signed up to a trial of NOW TV, it probably has the best film collection of any streaming service in the UK. Unfortunately I did not like the experience at all, and cancelled the month after the trial. My experience is below;

Setting up

Signed up for the trial, doesn’t work in Chrome then doesn’t work in Edge, ok lets use IE11 – ah don’t have silverlight, download, install, ready, crashes.

Not a great start, so installing Firefox I’m able to actually stream content on my laptop finally. The video quality was fine and it streamed well.

Next step, connect it to the TV. – Ok install the app on the WII U – there isn’t one.. Fine, install it on the iPad and plug that into HDMI. Oh HDMI output is disabled from the app.

Forced to plug in my laptop to the TV with HDMI, annoying. At least its simple to select a film and stream, can’t find how to enable subtitles have a google.. NOW TV doesn’t support subtitles. Amazing. I just assumed that everywhere under the sun supports subtitles, its a basic thing I take for granted. Its on their ‘Ideas Board’ people are requesting the ‘Idea’ of supporting subtitles..

Fine anyway. I can stream a film, from a device I don’t want to that’s inconvenient with no subtitles but it works. Until it doesn’t.


Now I did watch a few films successfully, but out of the blue, and just after the trial had expired and I paid a month of membership. It stops working.

I get the message;

(T6030) – There’s a problem with one of your connected audio or visual outputs.

Followed the help link, updated graphics drivers, reinstall Silerlight, I’m on a Laptop with nothing plugged in. Same error.

I try to send a support email;

They’re support system doesn’t allow + in the email address. But that’s what I signed up with and the site won’t let me change it. So I get a validation error on a form field I can’t edit.

They say talk to their live chat, it gets escalated to Email, after two days I get a reply. Capture

I was annoyed, luckily they responded with.


I’m not Mervyn, and I have no idea where that name came from. I replied to the email, also stating this, and giving them my London based IP address, they never replied. Emailed again, never replied. I cancelled my account. I have no way of playing NOW TV on my TV.


NOW TV is shit.

  • Doesn’t work in Chrome
  • Doesn’t work in Edge
  • Crashes IE11
  • Needs Silverlight
  • HDMI out on iPad is disabled
  • No subtitles
  • Bad support
  • Doesn’t work. At. All. On my laptop.

Its a million miles away from Netflix in functionality, even if it has a better film catalogue. Its very annoying that NOW TV is considerably worse than illegal alternatives like Popcorn Time. In the future renting a film from Amazon Video will work out better, if they offer it. But it still is hard to legally rent a film.

Europcar form problems

This is not the first time this has happened. An error with Europcar’s contact from, saying forbidden characters where entered. It doesn’t mention which field is bad.


A great example of how to stop your customers contacting you, make it impossible.
Upon further investigation, it turns out you can’t have apostrophes in the comments box..

The next problem is the enter Europcar ID OR your details (Name, email etc). But email is mandatory.

I have to say Europcar’s website is the buggiest / most annoying website I’ve used in recent memory.

Prestashop AWS SES contact us from email address

By default Prestashop sends messages submitted from the contact us form, with the customers email address as the from address. On a default installation using the PHP Mail function this will work, although messages will probably go straight into the spam folder.

Changing this to use AWS SES for example, requires you change Advanced Parameters -> Email. Adding the SES SMTP server with the generated username and password, encryption SSL and setting the port to 465.  This will send the email from SES, but SES will block the email if you haven’t registered the from address. So when a customer sends a form it will always fail.

The solution to this is editing /controllers/front/ContactController.php around line 131, simply change the Mail::Send function to use $contact->email instead of $from.

Prestashop will now send emails from the shops contact email to the same email address. – Make sure that the shops contact email is authorised to send emails in SES.

Updates to Sainsburys salad bar pricing

I haven’t been keeping a close enough eye on the blog, and have missed a flurry of comments about an incredibly important event. Sainsburys have changed the pricing to their salad bar, and discontinued a size. I have of course immedietly updated the Sainsburys salad bar pricing post with the new details.

Thanks to everyone who commented, invaluable information. I was going to do a post on my thoughts of moving from shared -> VPS -> dedicated -> cloud hosting, but some things are just more important.

Argos downtime

The Argos website was down for maintenance for about 12 hours.

Was it necessary to take the website offline for such a long time – even if they picked a low traffic time. A company the size of Argos should have been able to plan a catalogue update with no downtime. Its like the Glastonbury ticket sales always crashing, it can be done with no downtime, but they can’t really be bothered to do it.

Also Happy New Year!

Updated to London

I’ve been in London for 6 months now, and still bits of the blog referred to me living in Sheffield.

But today I randomly found where I had set the meta description. Turns out its within the SEO plugin, I had searched high and low through templates and gave up when I updated my move from Sheffield -> London. When I say high and low, I did find in files then gave up..

So now the meta description and sub heading are correct.

Next thing to do is get the Linked In all shiny.

The story of my phone repair.

The Prestashop Stripe module has had to be put on hold for a bit. Busy times.

In moany news. I recently had to get my LG G3 repaired, because it stopped working after just 4 weeks. Chrome would crash and it was getting very hot – even for the normally warm G3. So I moved to Firefox where graphics errors would randomly shut down the browser – Looks like the graphics chip was dying. Then one day, nothing, phone didn’t power on, not even to that reset mode, nothing happened when you plugged it into the computer. Dead.

This is where the epic adventure of my phone repair begins.

The local Carphone Warehouse told me to ring LG to repair my phone, fine I thought, who can repair it quicker and better than LG themselves. (ha.)
Starts all very well, they send a Jiffy bag to my address ‘No body needs to be in, not signed for’ great. Arrives after a day or two, speedy. Pop the phone into the bag and send it on its way.
Ring them up a few days later, they’ve received it, excellent, and have started the repair, 3-5 working days to repair it. Annoying but manageable.
I borrow my sisters old Blackberry with a few keys missing for the interim.

I wait around,  for the allotted 5 working days, give them another ring.

LG: They don’t have the parts to fix your phone, they’re being ordered in, it will take another week probably

Me: They, you mean you don’t have the parts?

LG: Its repaired by a third party.
So much for my initial happinesses of LG fixing it….

ME: Ok… So why don’t you have the parts, its a brand new phone?

LG: Because its brand new they don’t have the parts. They have to order them from Korea.
Worst. Excuse. Ever.

ME: Riight.. So another week?

LG: Yeh maybe, we’re not sure when the parts are arriving. Call us back next week.

Excellent. So starts the first of many mishaps. Part two coming soon..

The end of YUI

Yesterday 29/08/2014 Yahoo announced they would stop all new development of YUI, the once popular JavaScript framework. In their announcment they go into detail about how the web has changed since YUI first came about, and how its not the right product for the current JS world.

I agree with that, having used YUI back in the day, I wouldn’t have considered it in recent times. Even when YUI3 was released, it was too late, already on the decline. Back when jQuery didn’t have its dominance, you would always look at YUI, would it solve this particular problem, and it most cases it did. It did have many weaknesses, that led to its decline.

  • Verbose – remembering all the syntax, that should make DOM manipulation easier, were often longer than native..
  • Large – Both in file size and amount of features.
  • Dependencies – To use feature X you need to include Y and Z
  • Ugly
  • Strongly tied together – I for one would not use jQuery if it was tied into jQuery UI. Because jQuery UI is terrible.

This is one of the big reasons I believe jQuery came out so massively on top. It offered simple syntax for everyday tasks without dependencies. Keeping  jQuery UI very separate.

But at the time, it did a job. It could have done a better job if they really looked at making syntax developer friendly though. The documentation was good, the community was good, it existed at the right time. Its sad to see development end, but it’s definitely time.